The idea of the VIRUS FREE facial mask was born in a dramatic and complicated moment for humanity.
We started by donating thousands of health masks to various associations, care homes and municipalities both in Italy and Spain in recent months. In fact we are a fusion of two companies,Italian and Spanish which,while waiting for their return to their duties,have been converted to the production of individual protection devices.
Today we are living a medical drama and all efforts must be directed towards the use of suitable protective devices,but our dream goes beyond this phase when this moment will pass.

We like to think that people will go back to living their life forever but this time using one of our creations VIRUS FREE with the aim of alleviating the memory of the difficult past in fact the name VIRUS FREE summarizes our hope the world will no longer be a sick and all that we have lived remains only a memory.
From this past we can start again and understand that the time has come to change!!!
Even a simple mask will begin to be part of our daily were but with the hope that it will accompany us every time to overcome this moment with joy and smile.

VIRUS FREE creations are designed by young Italian fashion designers and artists and made by the skilled hands of Spanish craftsmen.


The materials used for the mask are:

  • 2 layers of non-woven fabric GR/M2 50
  • 1 layer of sponge
  • 1 layer of polyester
  • 2 elastic bands in soft Lycra
  • Hand made
  • Made in Spain